When a rough storm hits your locality, whether it is forecasted or not, it can cause potential damages and critical repercussions. Staying safe and protecting your Houston home should be your top priorities.

Therefore, it is extremely important to take necessary precautions in order to protect your Houston property from damage and destruction (when a severe storm hits the city). A vast majority of people only consider about their exterior siding (including patio furniture, deck, and landscaping) when it comes to storm-proofing their homestead.

However, it is equally important to take adequate measures to repair your air conditioning unit to avoid long-term problems or decreased functionality. Let’s now reveal in which situations you need repairing air conditioning unit after a rough storm in Houston TX.

The lightning strikes can cause severe damage to your air conditioning unit. In fact, the power surges following a rough storm may entirely damage your air conditioner. Thus, it is important to properly diagnose your HVAC system by an experienced AC repairing technician to bring back its original functionality.

When a rough storm strikes through your city, it can cause the below-mentioned four critical damages to your air conditioning unit.

#1. Damaged Capacitor

A power surge following a rough blizzard can lead to a potential damage to the capacitive unit of your HVAC system. A burnt, non-functional, or damaged capacitor (when left unchecked) will cause a critical compressor failure.

#2. Blown Fuses and Tripped Breaker

The sudden increase in voltage (after a severe storm) can cause the issues like blown fuse or tripped breaker.

#3. Burned Wires

The power surges often burn the electricity lines of your homestead. If you observe your HVAC system is not as operative and productive as it used to be, a burned electric wire should be the culprit.

#4. Damaged Compressor

The symptoms of a damaged compressor may not be quite evident right after a rough storm. However, the signs and symptoms of a damaged compressor may slowly appear within weeks, months, or later.

In the above-mentioned four scenarios, you should ideally contact an experienced AC repair technician right away for a quick assistance. Also note, if your air conditioning unit gets damaged following a rough storm, it may be quite unsafe to operate.

Bacteria and various other contaminants may have entered your HVAC unit, thus it’s recommended to contact a licensed AC repairing professional before operating your system again.

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